Exclusion List Checks

OIG/GSA Exclusion Lists


New “Affordable Health Care” laws require that your company check employees in specific job positions against government “Exclusion Lists” each and every month. Costs must be paid by your company.IRC, Inc. has developed a program to satisfy this regulation for your company at the lowest possible price. We estimate that vendors which perform these services will charge you between $4.00 – $10.00 per name.

Simply, IRC Inc. can satisfy this regulatory responsibility for $2.75 per name.

The difference in price could save your company thousands if not millions of dollars over time.

Our “Exclusion List” Recheck program is a singular exclusive service. IRC, Inc. does not require any contracts or use of other services in conjunction with this check.


Why IRC can perform at a low price


Our company can perform this service at such a low price due to high volume, elimination of middle man software and carefully developed procedures.


What you can expect from IRC


Each month we will automatically check names provided to us and deliver those names along with the date that they were processed. You will be able to add or delete individuals from your list at anytime. Storage and security will be provided allowing access in compliance with applicable laws for the purpose of audits or viewing for other reasons.


IRC Customer Service


Our experts will be able to answer any questions you or your employees may have regarding this service.


Changes in laws will be made available on our Bulletin Board Page.